Patience is key with new companies

Published 12:01am Sunday, November 11, 2012

Learning a baby is on the way is an exciting, hope-filled moment.

But the real event happens nine months later. And if that triumphant arrival never came, or waited much longer than the presumed deadline, the initial excitement would certainly be wiped clear away.

Natchez and Adams County may be still be in the first trimester, or, depending on whom you ask, midway through the second, only these trimesters last longer than three months.

Natchez Inc. made the exciting announcements beginning in the summer of 2011 and continuing well into 2012. The stork was bringing a present of hundreds of millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs.

But for most everyone who experienced an ear-to-ear grin on the day of the announcement, the waiting game is still on, and the only thing that matters now is seeing the fulfillment of expectations.

More than 140 people have already found employment as a result of the announcements. That’s awesome.

Many more are waiting.

Any new parent knows waiting can be the most difficult part, and it’s no different in Natchez.

But, like a baby’s development, this process takes time.

Five industries that have promised to locate in our area report that progress is being made, and plans are mostly on track.

That’s all we can ask, truly. Adams County has no choice other than to drum up some patience and wait on the big arrival.