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Guns, grills and tool-belt gadgets will top the Christmas lists of many Miss-Lou males this December, while the ladies’ lists will include things that smell nice, things that look nice and things that feel nice. As for the children, technology leads the way, but the sky is the limit when it comes to fun. Here are a few top picks for the special someone on your list and all can be purchased locally.

Gifts for men

Sports Center and Bowie’s Outfitters will each have some of the top sellers for gun enthusiasts in town. The AR-15 semi-automatic rifle has already started flying off shelves in both stores, and Christmas will bring more wives and mothers in to purchase these guns for their loved ones.

Ethan Rymer at Bowie Outfitters said the AR-15 is a weapon that supports several high-tech gadgets.

“Guys will bring their gun in (after they get it for Christmas), and we will put all kinds of stuff on it,” Rymer said.

Sports Center employee Chip Sturdivant said he also expects cowboy boots and Drake camouflage to sell well this Christmas.

Both Bowie’s and Sports Center feature some smaller items that would work as great stocking stuffers.

Rymer recommended Phoenix brand flashlights, and said flashlights of all brands are popular around Christmas time.

Sports Center features a variety of top-end duck calls, including Duck Commander calls.

Home Hardware in Vidalia has plenty of gifts for the man that prefers to be at home rather than in the woods.

The Big Green Egg ceramic grill is a big seller at Home Hardware, as well as Yeti brand coolers.

The store also features a variety of power tools, and store manager Paul Morse said the DeWalt power drills with lithium batteries are popular.

The novice buyer should focus more on who will be using the tool more than what brand name to purchase, Morse said.

“Some power tools are made for contractors that will use it every day, and those will be more expensive,” he said. “But something like the (Rockwell) Shop Series are more

for use in your back yard. You just need to know what he is going to use it for.”


Gifts for women

Store manager Chassidie Roberts at RRUS & Co. said men buying gifts for their female loved ones need to keep one simple rule in mind.

“Don’t think you know their size,” Roberts said. “Look in her closet and make sure you have the right size.”

RRUS has plenty of clothing options for female gift recipients, and Roberts said Miss Me jeans are very popular right now.

Hobo wallets are also a popular handbag for ladies, and RRUS along with several other shops in the Miss-Lou feature gifts that Roberts said women always enjoy.

“Jewelry is always good,” she said.

The holiday rush has already hit RRUS, Roberts said.

“It started at the beginning of October. We started early,” she said.

Holli Wadsworth at Just For You said her store features Heartstrings jewelry, and that is always a top seller.

Niven Morgan body wash, perfumes and lotions are also popular gift items at Just For You,

The store also features personalized gifts that include necklaces, picture frames and luggage.

“We do a ton of monograms,” Wadsworth said.


Gifts for teens

Kmart employee Jackie Hawkins said when it comes to gifts for teens, game consoles are still the big item.

“The new Wii U hand-held console is coming (today),” Hawkins said. “Those will be hot items.”

The new Kindle Fire, Hawkins said is also a must have and Kmart would be stocking a limited number.

“If you see one of the new Kindle Fires, you definitely want to get it quick,” she said. “They won’t stay in stock long.”

Game Stop manager Katey Guillot the new Wii U will have many popular games along with it and new games like “Call of Duty: Black Ops” and “Halo 4” are the two top games right now.

“Black Ops is the highest grossing game ever,” Guillot said. “If you don’t have it yet, it’s one you need.”

For parents looking for a more traditional gift, Bookland’s Brandi Tradewell and Carol Fortenberry said book series such as the “Vampire Diaries” for girls and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” for boys are popular.

“For girls, anything with vampires is selling,” Tradewell said. “Also e-readers like the new Nook are popular.”


Gifts for children

For parents with younger children, Hawkins said educational tablets are hot at the moment.

“Lots of parents are looking at the Leap Pad 2 and the Meep,” Hawkins said.

Both come with a wide array of games and accessories and Hawkins said they would be more difficult to get as Christmas got nearer.

Jack and Stella manager Rivers Hosea said Melissa and Doug brand toys were top sellers at her store.

Toys such as play food, wooden train sets and play kitchens are difficult to keep in stock.

“We’ve sold quite a few of the Chef’s Corner Kitchens,” Hosea said. “And not just for girls either.”