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Republican Party missed the boat

Clearly, the Republican Party must change its tactics or get out of town.  Someone in the GOP was just not watching during the campaigns and polls of the 2012 presidential election.

While the Democrats were garnering information on Facebook, Twitter, etc., the Republicans were running ads on TV and newspapers just like they did in 1950s.

Neither were the Republicans paying much attention to who was attending their rallies.

Some results from the recent election that demonstrate the new electorate in America:

- Males — Romney 52 percent; Obama 45 percent

- Females — Romney 44 percent; Obama 55 percent

- Youth — Romney 40 percent; Obama 60 percent

- White — Romney 59 percent; Obama 39 percent

- Black — Romney 6 percent; Obama 93 percent

- Hispanics — Romney 27 percent; Obama 71 percent

Obviously, there was voting based on sex, age, skin color and in the case of the Hispanic vote, catering to special interest groups.

The electorate is no longer the middle-aged white male with years of experience and knowledge, and the Republican Party must come to terms with it.

The “haves” with high-value assets are becoming less and less able to control how much their taxes will be or what it will be spent on.

The “have nots” who have little or nothing are more and more enabled to vote for higher government benefits.

However, with so many people jumping onto the apple cart, soon there will be too few to pull the cart — then what?

What will become of us? What will become of business and industry? With the myriad of rules, regulations and taxes coming down the pipe to stifle us, who knows?

We already know, for example, that we can no longer get incandescent light bulbs, Teflon coated skillets, burn coal in power plants, etc.

I can only imagine how many inspections and “gigs” that businesses will receive in the future.

If you’re smart, you will kiss-up and try to get a job as a government inspector.  Don’t worry about your qualifications, just your connections.

I believe the definition of “rich” in this country refers to those who do no live in poverty and are not supported by government entitlements.

The one thing that might eventually save them is that the laws that tax the rich are made by some of the richest people in the country. What fool would enact a law that would give half of his earnings to the “poor”?

The world, for whatever reason, is waiting to slam us.

We continue to sit in our little open foxhole, being led by a community organizer who has apologized for the being an American and who has very poor international relations, women who are afraid of guns, youth who are clueless and cowards who always say things that are sweet and politically correct.

How long do you think it will take for the hammer to drop?

I’ll say within two years.


Ed Field