Help make real wishes come true

Published 12:01am Sunday, November 25, 2012

When you don’t have to worry about putting food on the table, making a personal connection with those who do can be nearly impossible.

It’s a gap that has plagued every society to ever walk our great earth. And that gap simply greatens the need.

If only the personal connection existed, there are certainly enough Miss-Lou residents with the means to provide a meal for those without one to virtually eliminate hunger in our community.

But instead, our state’s poverty rate climbs, and the gap widens.

Politically, few elected officials will admit that things are getting worse, further distancing those with from those without.

But non-profit agencies with their hands and feet on the ground every day say the requests for assistance in the most basic areas are up and show no signs of decline.

Thankfully, during this time of the year, the community’s generosity rises, often providing the donations that will sustain non-profits in January, February and spring.

Beginning Monday and continuing for several weeks, our newspaper will highlight the specific needs of more than a dozen local non-profits. Some need your time, others your money and others a few basic supplies.

If everyone added to their Christmas shopping list a present — or better yet an hour of service and personal connection — for those in need, the gap that very much exists in our community would begin to close.

Wounds would begin to heal and strength would take over.

Let’s make this season one in which wishes come true.