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Management of drainage tax is worry

Published 12:01am Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When facing a vote for a new tax, one automatically thinks, “no” to new taxes.

In the case of parish drainage, one should think of the benefits. After doing so, the voter needs to know that the money would be used for upkeep and to repair or rebuild the structures after a 40- to 50-year period. Thus said, the new tax would be a hand-me-down to our children and grandchildren.

The control of these drainage structures will be in the hands of the U.S. Corps of Engineers as is the Wild Cow Pumping Station. Seeing the history of the Corps use of the Wild Cow Pump should show anyone that they do not take into account local conditions when determining at what time the pumps should be used.

The drainage structures would be a wonderful gift to all people of both parishes, but without local control of structures, all we would be doing is what the Corps of Engineers thinks is best, and their track record speaks for itself.

Flooding in your neighborhoods could be eased if we would use what we already have in place (Wild Cow pumps) when needed.

Instead, we wait for an order from the Corps to say push the button now, without regard to local conditions.

The plan submitted is sound and will work, but the operators — the Corps — of the plan itself are not sound.

Please vote Saturday for our future.


Robby Roberts

Vidalia resident