Sentence litterbugs to pick it all up

Published 12:01am Wednesday, December 5, 2012

With proper supervision, help from the legal system and a clearly outlined plan, the position of litter enforcement officer that Adams County plans to create would be a managerial position.

As Supervisor David Carter pointed out during Monday’s board meeting, some of the people responsible for littering in the county may not have the financial means to pay off a fine assessed to them for their littering crime.

The county wants to fine litterers $1,000 for the deed.

That influx of cash to the county would be great, but a better plan altogether may just be applying Carter’s idea to all litter offenders.

For those unable to pay, Carter said, the county could allow the criminals to work off their fines by, what else, but picking up litter.

We think that option may be the best one for all offenders, even those who can pay.

A Saturday morning in thick grass picking up someone else’s disgusting trash is about the best possible deterrent we can think of to littering.

The litter enforcement officer may not need to be a full-time job, if the worker is simply paid to harass the offenders and ensure they show up on workday and to supervise their work as they go.

The county’s litterers become the litter crew, and two birds are downed with one stone.

Littering is likely our community’s most common and most senseless crime. Ending the problem one offender at a time is a requirement.



  • Anonymous

    Shortly ago, I crossed the bridge from Vidalia to Natchez. At the top of the hill red light, a city crew was working with a backhoe and had cleaned up the unsightly plantings there that are often used as an ashtray for butts. I hope they take the opportunity to plant some concrete there as a lasting self maintaining solution…..

  • Khakirat

    Fine these litter bugs and have them picking up trash with a safety vest saying I’m a LITTERBUG and Paying my DUES!!