Vidalia woman charged with alleged exploitation of 25 nursing home residents

Published 2:36pm Thursday, December 6, 2012

NATCHEZ — A Vidalia resident is facing charges for alleged exploitation of a vulnerable person and embezzlement connected to her work at the Adams County Nursing Home.

Kandi Slover, 37, turned herself in Wednesday after an Adams County grand jury indicted her on 19 counts of exploitation of vulnerable person and one count of embezzlement, according to a spokeswoman for the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office.

Kandi Slover

The Attorney General’s Office handled the investigation.

Slover worked as an administrative assistant at Adams County Nursing Home.

She is alleged to have exploited 25 residents of the facility out of more than $18,000. She is also alleged to have embezzled $3,900 from facility funds.

Slover is being held without bond until her arraignment on Dec. 18.

If convicted of the charges, Slover faces life in prison and $200,000 in fines.



  • Anonymous

    Life in prison???? Is this person married with a family?

  • mimi

    yes she is. and in nursing school

  • Anonymous

    Imagine one being in a nursing home, themself, when the time comes.

  • Anonymous

    I realize it’s a heinous crime, she deserves to pay the price for her actions…but Life in Prison? I don’t know this woman but that’s kind of harsh for a mostly financial crime. I must not know the whole story….

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a fine upstanding citizen.

  • Anonymous

    And how is that supposed to make a difference…? I’ve worked with the elderly in nursing homes before, and these little old people have little-to-nothing. It’s a shame that someone would even be tempted to steal from any of those residents. I hope the evidence is strong enough to either prove…or disprove…her involvement. Either way, I’m glad some light was shed on this and I hope it comes to an end soon.

  • Khakirat

    Times are getting tough to do a crime as this but that no excuse for this!!

  • Kevin Strahan

    So someone can rob a bank, shoot a cop, and get away with it but a woman who steals money can get life in prison!!??? What she did was wrong but you get more time for unarmed robbery than armed robbery?

  • Ck

    This happened a year or so ago with a well known family in Natchez but it got swept under the rug…they stole from their patients much more than this girl did.

  • Anonymous

    ssddRN, I agree. I am glad some light was shed on this situation!!. This situation is not only about finances, its about exploiting this individual in the form of abuse and/or neglect. This individual most likely has physical, emotional or devlopmental disorder that causes him or her to be placed in a nursing home. The patients who are in nursing homes are protected by state and federal laws. I am sure a report was made and the vunerable adult unit of Mississippi and perhaps Louisiana DHS along with the Attorney General’s office had grounds to make a report. Whoever reported it; I thank you. Families check on your loved ones!

  • Anonymous

    She might get 5 years probation,maybe with lettum loose lilllie

  • Anonymous

    Of course this is wrong and low life. But , it’s another example of White collar crimes are punished more and harsher than blue collar crimes. They can rape, harm or kill and get 15-20 years; paroled in 7. They can steal and never see the light of day again. Our justice system is marred.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, and just pay the proceeds to Drug Court Fund.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still wondering how the non- bank robber explains having 80k dollars on him and .44 mag hole in his back.

  • Anonymous

    My Father was in a nursing home. He was a completely immobile invalid. We would get a call every couple months that he had fell out of bed and bruised himself. This was 20 years ago. Today I would have a small camera in his room and catch the person responsible. A lowlife animal that would hurt an incapacitated, helpless person should be executed.

  • Anonymous

    Sally that was beyond ignorant by our justice system. Just unreal. Unbelievable!!!

  • Anonymous

    She was hurting helpless people Kevin. She should be executed.