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History buff? Come celebrate the season with us

We are the Natchez Historical Society. We came together formally in 1958 after being alive in spirit since before the time of the Civil War. We are retired and current teachers, instructors, professors and librarians; we are writers and scholars who author books about local history. We write our books and articles because of our dedication to and love of history.

We are people who have never written a thing but do enjoy presentations which educate, inspire and enlighten us. We are descendants of historic families who like history programs that remind us of our ancestors’ contributions to history.

We are a place where people all over the world write when they seek information about Natchez history. We are people who admire Natchez and our region and its place in history.

We gave birth, many years ago, to the Historic Natchez Foundation, a group who wanted a different but vital mission, and we let them go with our blessings. To this day, the two groups are confused by the public. But each group is important and different.

Our mission is to be a group who hosts history presenters who help us connect with our glorious past and rekindle our love of days of yore.

And, while our monthly meetings are always open to the public, there is one meeting each year which is the most enjoyable to us and the general public.

We host a Christmas party at the house of one generous family that welcomes all to their historic home to socialize and enjoy food tidbits and free wine and other drinks.

This year, our annual party is at 6 p.m. Tuesday and is hosted by Virginia and Paul Benoist, whose lovely home is at 410 S. Union St., which they tell us is at the south end off Orleans Street.

Admission is free, and all we ask is that you try to bring a food item for all to share, but that is not mandatory.

Our general membership meeting is held the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Historic Natchez Foundation at 108 S. Commerce St. The social is at 6:30 p.m. with free tidbits and wine and soda. The speaker starts at 7 p.m. Monitor the Tracings section of The Natchez Democrat to join us at our events.

The purpose of this article is to assure anyone in our community who likes history that you are invited to come to these gatherings, be welcomed, feel at home and perhaps, become a member of the NHS.


Constance Holt is a member of the Natchez Historical Society.