Tickets written for cars parked at school

Published 12:01am Saturday, December 8, 2012

NATCHEZ — The Natchez Police Department wrote several parking tickets Friday morning to Cathedral School visitors the department says were illegally parked in front of the school. The school was hosting grandparents’ day.

Detective Jerry Ford said he saw cars parked on the sidewalk and in the road obstructing traffic in front of the school.

Ford said Chief Danny White also saw traffic congestion in front of the school and instructed officers to write tickets to the illegally parked cars.

Ford said that a couple of people complained that Mayor Butch Brown had sent police officers to write tickets at the school, but he said that was not the case.


  • Anonymous

    I just love that our great police department has nothing better to do with their time!!! It would be really NICE, Mr. White, if you could instruct your officers to clean up all the damn trash that hangs out at the gas station next to the school. All day long they stand out there with their pants off their buts, drinking OPEN CONTAINERS of beer/alcohol and nothing is ever said or done about it.. Worthless thugs with no damn job, just drankin!! But I guess the cars on the sidewalk may impede the drunk’s walkway back to the crib!!! GIVE ME A BREAK NPD!!! The only car that should have received a summons was the one parked in the road.. Try doing a better job of Cleaning up the drugs & crime in Natchez!!

  • joe


  • Anonymous

    I’m going to have to agree. I can’t stand loitering no matter whose doing it. Just hanging around being non -productive, just looking for trouble. I am sure the cars a on the lawn would not have been there long and if there was a car in the road literally, it should have been ticketed. Where does Cathedral parking overflow go or supposed to go? Was that too filled?

  • Anonymous

    As usual they typically only attack the level of “crime and criminals” that they have the kahunas to attack, more worried about a bit of congestion that may last for an hour or two at most than bothering to enforce the ongoing “in your face” type violations of loitering, open container, even the rampant window tint and shaded tag cover violations one sees daily all over Natchez.

    I would much rather see an aggressive enforcement of the window tint and shaded tag cover laws, which are state laws by the way, but then that takes a judge that will also enforce the law instead of dismissing because the offender removed the tint and cover by the time they get to court only to go put more on the day after court, that’s the “in your face” violations. I see virtually blacked out windows on the driver’s and passenger windows most everyday I am in town, definitely not enough enforcement to cause compliance. The problem is that in many cases of the tint violations the wrong people would be getting tickets and White can’t have that and remain popular.

    Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful, but clearly what we have come to expect because of what we have seen!!! Selective, punitive enforcement which will be the same way that the litter laws will be enforced as will be the texting as is the seat belt law. I would love to see the Democrat investigate and report the number of tickets even issued for littering, dismissed or not. What that will likely show is that that law is even less enforced than the tint law because it takes more effort to catch the litterer than it does to look to your right or left and see the tint violation sitting beside them at a light.

  • Anonymous

    I sit in the school pickup line everyday for roughly thirty minutes. In this time I have seen obvious drug deals, listened to loud terrible music, witnessed cars with out tags, and seen plenty of children in cars without restraint. What I have never seen is a police officer even grace that station with his presence. This being said, if this was not going on then people might be more understanding of why sidewalk obstructing tickets were being written. So thanks for saving the area from tax paying grandparents in registered vehicles, it was looking a bit sketchy there for a minute. Job well done!

  • Khakirat

    My opinion it that the NPD harassed these people by writing tickets to them being it is Cathedral one of the best schools in Adams county to get a great education to go on to college!! The NPD ought to be ashamed of its self for not harassing the law breakers on the corner that is well described by comments!! Also, why don’t the NPD enforce the disability parking at Walmart and all over Natchez that is abused is what I can’t understand and you are public servants!! Thank God for our Sheriff department in Adams County of common sense and tact!!

  • Anonymous

    Parked IN the Road? Really? Was the road blocked and causing congestion? Really?
    Or was it just the normal congestion of an EVENT, say like a PARADE?
    Imagine, Parking in front of Cathedral School on its lawn or on that lot and being on the sidewalk, during an EVENT, and being on the sidewalk.
    Get them Grandparents! Get em, Clean it UP!

  • Anonymous

    It was all filled. There were both parents and grandparents there for just about every lower elementary child.

  • Anonymous

    What traffic would be obstructed on MLK during business day hours anyway? All the non-working crack heads from that ‘hood’ are still in bed until afternoon! I know because I have them tapping on my car window while waiting in the pick up line at 3:00 begging for money

  • Anonymous

    Another reason may be that they want to make sure they give tickets to those that will actually pay them vs some deadbeats that certain judges will let off because “they be poor and can’t afford to pay”. I have been told that this is why the NPD does not write child restraint violation tickets to certain car loads leaving the local super store with more young’uns bouncing around in the backseat than there are total seat belts in the entire vehicle, not to mention infants carried in the arms of the driver and front passenger.

  • Joe Stutzman

    if they had robbed a bank and shot a deputy before parking at Cathedral, it probably would have been ok