LAUREN WOOD | THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — Magnolia Bluff Casino Shift Managers Anthony Mulvihill, left, and Eric Powell work on installing the tabletop of one of the 10 table games Wednesday afternoon on the casino’s main floor.

Casino nearly ready

Published 12:10am Thursday, December 13, 2012

NATCHEZ — Five days away from opening day, the staff of the Magnolia Bluffs Casino is putting the finishing touches on the casino.

Casino President Kevin Preston said the casino’s staff is cleaning, installing seating in the casino’s restaurant and making final additions to the gaming floor this week.

The Mississippi Gaming Commission, Preston said, will be at the casino today and Sunday inspecting the games and ensuring everything is working properly.

The casino has received its temporary certificate of occupancy from the city, and Preston said he anticipates receiving the permanent certificate today after a final inspection.

The Natchez Fire Department conducted a mock fire drill Wednesday.

The Natchez Board of Aldermen authorized City Attorney Hyde Carby Tuesday to complete an indemnification contract with casino. The contract absolves the city from any liability with any accidents at the casino, including fires or personal injuries.

Preston said the staff will continue to work until the casino’s opening Tuesday to ensure it is ready. The casino’s 265 employees are also completing departmental training and orientation that started Monday and will continue through Friday.

The casino will open at 2 p.m. Tuesday for political and business leaders and 4 p.m. for the general public.

The casino will host a grand opening ceremony with entertainment Jan. 17.

The 45,000-square-foot casino has 580 slot machines, 10 table games, a center bar with 27 poker games, a player’s club, Cypress Mill, which is an Italian steakhouse, and a lounge named 180 Lounge and a buffet named Bandsaw Buffet.

An outdoor deck wraps around the sides and back of the casino and features a seating area and a fire pit.



  • Anonymous

    Wow..another Casino in a dead town with no good paying jobs,just what we need,something that will take what little money is left out of Natchez

  • Anonymous

    Well, you’ll have many to comment here that the jobs that this will offer will off-set your comment, but I don’t think so. Also, we all know by now, that with the marketing of Natchez as a retirement destination community, that they aren’t necessarily looking for this to be a beacon for the locals, but rather the visitors. Sadly however, it’s the locals who are pulled in and lose their benefits check, gambling for hours on end or those who are losing precious hard-earned dollars off of champagne dreams. Rarely have I seen those with disposable income, simply just gamble it away. I’ve said from the beginning, someone must believes that the current casino was doing so well, that another one needed to be built and that there’s business for more than one. I voted Sad.

  • Anonymous

    Just in time to get peoples Christmas money! Happy Holidays.

  • Anonymous

    You got that right, gripe and complain, 265 jobs and tax revenue alone is a huge shot in the arm. If you don’t gamble stay out of your car, don’t walk across the street or For sure don’t go in business for yourself, O wait there all gambles, get over the casinos and reep the benefits of lower taxes, more expendable cash flow for local businesses just some of the bright spots.

  • Alisha Wilson

    When natchez found Out we was getting Other boat this boat stopped paying off .It’s time for a change cause the one we got went from sugar to …… Cutting hours ,short on help,tight machine I guess they said “only one in town the hell with Natchez . Maybe they might loosen the machine since we have another one coming

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    that there’s business for more than one. You are correct. Competition makes the world go around. Plus, more people will come to the Natchez casinos because there will be more than one. If you believe that Natchez can’t support 2 casinos, maybe 3…just go to Vicksburg and check out their 5….busy all the time. Natchez has MUCH more to offer than Vicksburg, so just be patient. And please dont say V’burg in on an interstate….Marksville is in the middle of NOWHERE and it is full all the time and it’s 4 times as big as both of these put together. People enjoy gaming:)