New Cathedral middle school gets approval

Published 12:02am Thursday, December 13, 2012

NATCHEZ — The Natchez Preservation Commission approved Wednesday a site plan for construction of a new middle school facility at Cathedral School.

The approximately 12,000-square-foot middle school facility is part of an approximately $5 million update for the Cathedral campus.

The facility is among the most urgent improvements that also include:

4Renovating and expanding existing science classrooms and labs.

4Repurposing junior high classrooms and bathrooms for high school use.

4Renovating the cafeteria and expanding the kitchen.

4Constructing a new field house with concessions and bathrooms that will serve the physical education, football, softball and soccer programs.

The commission will approve colors for the facility at a later date.

The school is currently in the fundraising stage of the project, and no exact timeline for groundbreaking, construction or opening has been publicly outlined.



  • Anonymous

    I pretty sure the “most urgent” thing is to do something about the horrible and illegal traffic problem during pickup time.

  • Anonymous

    Look at it on the bright side, while you are parked illegally, you can buy illegal drugs, curbside, no penalty.