Three charged in Vidalia shooting

Published 12:02am Thursday, December 13, 2012

VIDALIA — The Vidalia Police Department has charged three men in connection with a Saturday shooting on Vidal Street.

Assistant Chief Bruce Wiley said officers responded to a call of shots fired at approximately 7:13 p.m. The victim, Forrest Williams Jr., 20, reported he was driving on Vidal Street when a vehicle driven by Tyvon Hawkins, 20, 500 Sycamore St., approached Williams’ vehicle.

Andrew B. Brown, 23, 202 South Oak St., was reportedly hanging out of the front passenger window of Hawkins’ vehicle and yelled at Williams.

Williams reported that he stopped his vehicle and then Brown allegedly shot at him, striking both tires on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Williams and witnesses also reported that Quancy Hawkins, 23, 103 Gillespie St., was in the rear passenger seat of the shooter’s vehicle.

Brown was charged with assault by drive-by shooting, and Tyvon and Quancy Hawkins were charged with accessory to assault by drive-by shooting.

No one was reported injured in the assault.



  • Anonymous

    Typical 30 mile circle around Natchez,.

  • ViLou4Lyfe

    This is so amazing! Forest Williams now decides to report a crime. If his boys were out on the streets he would have been shooting back. I say lock all of these menaces up and throw away the key! Forest Williams is no saint in the City of Vidalia. He has been the root to a lot of problems around here for some time including a murder that happened to his step brother in April of last year. His name is calm now because he has no back up because his lil pit crew is all locked up. As for Tyvon Hawkins there are no words to describe this piece of trash. This boy
    thinks he’s the baddest thing that ever stepped foot in Vidalia. If I know Tyvon the way I do he probably told Andrew to do the shooting. What
    was the other Hawkins boy supposed to do? Was he supposed to jump out of the moving car? Tyvon would have probably told Andrew to shoot him if he would have said anything. Tyvon was just arrested in August for attempted aggravated assault for shooting in the projects in Ferriday, I guess that was thrown out of court. The sad part about this is I think all three of these rejects get SSI checks! Well if that is true that
    will be a few pennies going back to the government for the duration of their stay in jail.

  • Ashley Friloux

    I’d love to send these fools to a major city where they have REAL gangs. You all think you’re so tough. Hate to break it to you, you live in VIDALIA. You’re small potatoes and you need to get a life!

  • Anonymous

    Tyvon and Quancy. nuff sed. But a little snippet; Andrew Brown of Amos and Andy fame was from Vidalia.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the right Reverend Marvel has any thoughts on such common occurences as these? hmmmmmm???

  • Anonymous

    Hawkins again—-this family has bred some of the most useless pieces of trash Concordia Parish has. All the way back to when I was growing up in the 50′s and 60′s the Hawkins bunch were the worst. Even the other blacks thought they were trash. Trash breeds trash.

  • Anonymous


  • vilou09

    I dont really know of the other two, but I went to school with Andrew and he was a cruel bully! In SPECIAL ED, no less. He never had a problem putting his hands on smaller FEMALES, so I’m glad that animal is finally where he belongs– in a cage.

  • vilou09

    Why dont we just ask @ViLou4Lyfe then. They seem to know a lot about the families (more than you!) And seems to have distaste for them. This has nothing to do with racism so shut your ignorant mouth. This is about scum begatting scum and putting a whole community in jeopardy. Period.

  • Ruth_Powers

    Know all 3 of them. Collectively they don’t have the sense God gave a goose.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t usually reply to your rantings but I will this one time. I grew up in a time when black children and white children played together. I could be found in a black home about as much as I could be found in a white home. I have had my butt torn up by black mothers and then they would tell my daddy and I would get it torn up again. NOTHING was ever said about it. Being raised at that time, I KNOW what the black people i associated with thought of the Hawkins bunch. Stick that in your RACIST pipe and smoke it.

  • Benard

    I live no where close to Natchez or Vidalia and I’m African American. I find your comment sophomoric, yet you were alive in the 50′s-60′s, you SHOULD know better. Smh.

  • Benard

    yeah Mr. Self righteous. Still doesn’t give you the right to call anyone trash. And half of what you ppl post are lies anyway. Get a life, you must be one lonely soul.

  • Benard

    Who are you to demand another adult cease adding their thoughts to an open forum? You appear to be an ignorant racist.