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Casino will give needed boost to Natchez

The City of Natchez is steeped in history; another chapter to its history will be added on Tuesday.

Nearly two decades after the city’s one and only casino opened, a new casino will open for business in two days.

Through the years, approximately one dozen other would-be developers have sought to open a casino in Natchez since the first dice rolled at the then Lady Luck Casino in February 1993.

Each of the developers came with good intentions and a vision of what they wanted to see materialize. But each one also came with a largely empty wallet, which ended each proposal.

Developers of the new Magnolia Bluffs Casino, however, are like street fighters who just wouldn’t give up. Their persistence will pay off for them and for the City of Natchez, too.

When the Magnolia Bluffs opens, the city will begin collecting $1 million in lease payments from the casino.

Beyond the monetary benefit to the city, more than 260 people will earn a paycheck from the casino. That’s an important boost to the area’s employment base and is much appreciated.

It may be years before we truly understand the impact of the new casino. In the meantime, welcome to Magnolia Bluffs Casino.