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Emergency officials respond to oil spill in Monterey

MONTEREY — State and local officials responded to the scene of a small oil spill incident in Monterey Friday.

The spill happened at the intersection of Louisiana highways 129 and 565, Monterey Fire District No. 1 Chief Jim Graves said.

Around 2 p.m., a tanker truck loaded with crude oil came to a stop at the intersection, and when the truck stopped the load sloshed forward into the tank’s overflow tube, Graves said.

“As (the trucker) pulled out, the oil was steadily running out of the overflow tube for maybe an eighth of a mile down the road,” Graves said.

After responding to the spill, Graves said the fire district notified the Louisiana Department of Transportation.

“Whenever you have something like that, you have to notify the DOT and the state police,” Graves said. “They tell you what you have got and they tell you how to handle it.”

In this instance, the DOT said the parish should put down some sand on the oil to absorb it.

“The oil smells bad, it looks bad, but once you put the sand on it, that takes most of the danger out of it,” Graves said. “It will pick it right up.”

The amount of oil spilled and the distance over which it was spilled was enough to make the road slick, Graves said, but not enough to make the sand clump up and so no further cleanup will be required.

“(The sand) will pick the slick off of the road, dry up and blow away,” he said.