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Notice gifts around you this Christmas

Christmas time is a season of joy, peace and happiness. It’s also a time of reflection.

Our area, despite our problems, has many, many reasons to be joyful this holiday season.

As a community, we often focus on our problems. That’s human nature.

But perhaps today as we’re merely days away from Christmas 2012, we can focus a bit on some of the wonderful blessings our community has.

Our community is blessed by living in an area of the country with an abundance of natural resources. From Louisiana’s rich, fertile farmland to Natchez’s majestic bluffs, our corner of the world is beautiful and productive.

But our greatest strength is our community’s people.

Despite our differences, our community comes together when trouble arises like few others. We’ve seen that when natural disasters strike.

That core feeling that “we’re all in this together” has always served our area well.

Our community steps up when others are in need, and that selfless streak speaks volumes about our community’s true character.

As we pause over the next few days to celebrate the birth of Christ and thank God for all of the gifts He has given us, let us include among those gifts the gift of community that we may often take for granted.

Merry Christmas to each of you!