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Extension Service to see slight changes

NATCHEZ — The Mississippi State University Extension Service will be reorganizing and becoming a little leaner in the coming year, but Adams County will be largely exempt because the county office has already de facto reorganized.

“Every couple of years, the extension service has got to change with the times like everything else; we have got to be more efficient, but in Adams County we are already a very efficient office,” Adams County Extension Service Director David Carter said.

While in some counties extension service offices may have several people doing jobs that may overlap, the Adams County office does not have that.

“You might have several people doing administrative things, but right now I am doing them already, so it won’t change anything,” Carter said.

“It will be just title changes here. In some counties with larger populations, there may be some more changes there.”

After the reorganization, Carter will no longer be the county director, but instead will be called the “extension coordinator.”

Other positions in the office — such as 4-H agent Jason Jones — will stay as well.

The extension service provides research-based information and educational programs including about crops and horticulture, farm management and local and state government.