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Dispose of season with holiday cheer

Goodbye Christmas, welcome back reality.

Even those of you who receive extended holiday breaks will likely head back to work and school Monday, making today the final holiday of the season.

And for some of you, today and the weekend bring along some work of their own — de-decorating.

As Christmas decorations head back to the attic and new toys get left by the wayside, we hope those of you who still have live trees and wreaths hanging around will dispose of them wisely.

You have a few options for the centerpiece of your holiday season.

Melrose is accepting trees at the house’s maintenance facility, just off Melrose-Montebello Parkway. The historic property’s staff will chip up the trees into mulch for use on the Melrose gardens throughout the coming year.

In the City of Natchez, Waste Pro will pick up any trees cut to six feet or less.

And area fishermen always offer a reminder that the trees make great underwater habitats for small fish seeking shelter. Sink them in your favorite fishing hole, with permission, of course, and enjoy the fruits of your holiday season for the year to come.

If you choose to burn your tree, be careful. And if you aren’t sure someone will pick it up, don’t drag it to the street and let it clutter up the community.

Christmas decorations liven our season; let’s not let them litter our streets.