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Time to kick the habit? Alleged burglar nabbed

NATCHEZ — Natchez police have arrested the man they believe stole approximately 5,700 cigarettes from Daisy Street Grocery last week.

Detective Jerry Ford said Leroy R. Wimberly, 45, 9 Prentiss St., was charged with two counts of burglary Saturday.

The owner of Daisy Street Grocery reported that the business had been burglarized after discovering that an air-conditioning unit had been pushed in so the burglars could access the inside of the store.

Reported missing were between 20 and 30 cartons of Newport, Maverick, Berkley and Doral brand cigarettes, and 39 individual packs of Newport cigarettes — valued at $5.48 a pack — were also stolen.

The prices on the cartons of cigarettes range from approximately $34 to $51 per carton

Wimberly also reportedly took several boxes of cigars valued at $18.53 a box and an unknown quantity of beer.

Ford said Wimberly was apprehended after he was identified on video surveillance footage by a police officer.