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Boil-water order issued for Morgantown area

NATCHEZ — Customers on the Oakland Water Works water system in the Morgantown area were placed on a boil-water order Saturday evening.

David Huber, owner of Oakland Water Works, said there was a rupture in the main line causing all water to be turned off.

“The water is back on, but we’ll have to turn it off again to get it completely fixed,” Huber said. “Once that’s done, we’ll have to take samples and get it approved by the health department.”

Huber said the process of getting the samples and receiving results would take at least a week.

“Until then, any water that’s for consumption use needs to be boiled before use,” Huber said. “We’ll be notifying customers with any new developments.”

Huber said residents in the Brookfield and Brooklyn subdivisions are most affected by the boil-water order.