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Great start to a new year in the Miss-Lou

Last week brought a fresh year and a fresh outlook to the Miss-Lou, and local leaders expect big things out of 2013.

With major economic development projects on the horizon, the coming year could be a turning point in the community.

The first week of the year brought plenty of good news to start things off on the right foot.

•Natchez High School Homecoming Queen Daysha Brown participated in festivities at the Liberty Bowl early in the week with queens from around the region. Brown enjoyed a unique experience and now has the chance to move on to national pageants that can bring prizes and scholarship funds. Good luck Daysha!

•The Natchez Police Department is preparing to restart a former, popular tradition — its citizens police academy. Any local resident can attend the class for free to learn more about the criminal justice system. An educated populace is the first step to crime control and prevention, and we are excited to hear NPD is again cultivating its relationship with the public.

• Louisiana teachers received needed training on a new statewide curriculum last week, while students enjoyed the last days of winter break. Change is difficult, especially in education, but we know our local teachers will learn what they must in order to best prepare our children for the world ahead.

As we move deeper into January and into 2013, we regard the coming year with great hope for good things. The Miss-Lou is a great home, no matter the year.