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Hopefully, this week will be drier

Well, if you didn’t drown, consider the week a success.

Drenching rains made last week an eventful one for many, but thankfully the area didn’t see any injuries or major damage to property.

Between the showers, mudslides and cloudy skies, a few bright spots did shine through.

4In Ferriday, sixth-grade student Kevin Sanders has a bright future. Sanders has ideas to improve his community, and he voiced those thoughts to the mayor through a letter. It’s wonderful to see young people like Sanders thinking about ways to better their hometowns, and we hope Sanders’ ideas can provide inspiration for city leaders.

4The Miss-Lou Relay for Life was recently named fifth in the country, per capita, for its fundraising efforts in 2012. The annual event is one of the community’s best, for sure. We know the event is great, but it’s still nice to see the hardworking volunteers recognized outside of our area.

4Vidalia Police officers spent Monday training for the worst. The officers were able to get specialized training right here at home, thanks to a training officer at the Natchez Police Department. We are glad to see the departments working together to keep us all of safe.

4The Natchez Downtown Development Authority delighted shoppers, deal hunters and fun lovers all in one Saturday with a scavenger hunt downtown. Participants hunted through downtown shops to find specific items, and the grand prizewinner ended up with a new television. The idea was a unique one aimed at getting more folks in our downtown shops. Such creative thinking will help us all.

The new week will start of cold and wet, but this is the Miss-Lou — things will brighten soon.