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Winter weather: Early flakes possible

NATCHEZ — Dreary rain might have turned to beautiful flakes overnight, but if predictions held, you’ve probably slept through it.

National Weather Service Jackson meteorologist Eric Carpenter said it was possible the area might see snow — likely less than an inch — between midnight and 6 a.m today. The flakes weren’t expected to accumulate in the Miss-Lou.

Most of the snow accumulation, Carpenter said, is expected in the areas north of Natchez, such as Vicksburg and Jackson.

Temperatures were expected dip to around 31 degrees Wednesday night, and any snowfall should be gone by sunrise, Carpenter said.

The roads will be wet, Carpenter said, but ice is not a big concern.

“Right now we’re not too worried about ice, but if someone is traveling north to Jackson, they should check ahead.”

The sun should be out by noon today, Carpenter said, and temperatures could reach 50 degrees by the afternoon.