Petition was success for community

Published 12:01am Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Though someone’s goal failed Monday, America’s freedom prevailed.

When we send young men and women off to war, we do so thinking of the big picture. We picture American flags whipping proudly in the wind and the right to live as we choose without government interference.

We think of safety at home and patriotic power abroad.

But rarely does anyone think of American heroes protecting the right for a group of small-town residents to walk around town with a lined piece of paper signing up those who want to see a government official elected by only 869 votes removed from his job.

But that’s an important freedom, too, and it’s exactly why our soldiers still fight.

In fact, the right to petition is a part of the very first amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Clearly, it was important enough for our forefathers to think of first.

Vidalia residents seeking to recall Police Chief Arthur Lewis did not collect enough signatures on their petitions to get the job done, but we’re glad they had the right to try.

With the recall off the table, we hope Vidalia can pull together as a community, support the police department and focus time on crime fighting, community protection and even righting a tipping city budget.

Our freedoms make us America, but our community pride makes us a world power. And, yes, that can start right here is little ole Vidalia.