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City: Leave barricades alone

Ben Hillyer | The Natchez Democrat City officials are asking residents to stay away from the barricades around the construction zone at the intersection of Brenham Avenue and Aldrich Street. The city dug a large hole to repair a leak in a water pipe.

NATCHEZ — City officials are asking that residents do not tamper with the barricades and signs surrounding the work zone on Brenham Avenue.

The barricades are meant to divert traffic away from a 12-foot hole on Brenham where Natchez Water Works is repairing a leak in a pipe, Traffic Supervisor Curtis Norton said.

Norton said the barricades were moved by someone last week and allowed traffic to go through the work zone.

“It is somewhat of a dangerous situation, and persons could be putting others’ lives in jeopardy by (moving the barricades,)” Norton said. “People do not need to be trying to take shortcuts through the work zone. The risk is not worth it.”

City Engineer David Gardner said Water Works received the replacement pipe Friday but could not complete the job because of the rain.

Gardner said Water Works should be able to finish the pipe repairs in a day, and he said he believes the crew should be able to resume work Friday.