Sheriffs ask residents to limit boat traffic

Published 12:02am Thursday, January 17, 2013

VIDALIA — Two local sheriffs are asking residents to limit boat traffic on six waterways because of flooding conditions from the heavy rains.

Concordia Parish Sheriff Kenneth Hedrick and Catahoula Parish Sheriff James Kelly are asking residents to only use the waterways for emergency boat traffic only.

Those waterways include:

-Black River Lake

-Cross Bayou

-Cocodrie Bayou

-Workinger Bayou

-Lake Concordia

-Lake St. John

Non-emergency boat use on those waterways may result in a citation.

Chief Joe Dearmond of the Parhams Fire Department said many piers on Black River Lake were experiencing flooding, and officials wanted to prevent further damage.

Dearmond said he knew some residents would need to use their boats to retrieve things now in the water, but asked that if they must use a boat they do so carefully, avoiding any wake.

Those with concerns about Black River Lake can contact Dearmond at 318-386-0956.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sheriffs: Can you please site the statute that you use as the basis for your proclaimation? You say that you are asking people to limit boat traffic, but say they may be cited. If it is against the law, please say so. If not, please piss off.