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All good on corners: Rebel junior has netted three corner kicks this season

Ben Hillyer | The Natchez Democrat — Adams County Christian School junior Justin Allgood has scored on three corner kicks this season, including two in one game against Copiah Academy.

NATCHEZ — Columbia Academy knew it had to account for a handful of great athletes when Adams County Christian School lined up for corner kicks earlier this season.

But it ended up being the last person the Cougars expected that did the most damage — the kick-taker Justin Allgood.

Allgood struck the ball with his left foot from the right corner flag. The ball curved around the front post of the goal and into the back of the net for a Rebels’ goal.

The result surprised the Cougars, the Rebels and Allgood himself, but the most jubilant witness was ACCS head coach, and Allgood’s father, Jim Allgood.

“I’ve been coaching for a long time and was a referee for 25 years,” Jim said. “Not only have I never seen it in person, I’ve never seen it in (professional) soccer. He did something phenomenal.”

Justin accomplished the feat again a couple of weeks ago against Copiah Academy, twice.

After the junior forward surprised Copiah the first time with a direct goal, the Colonels were ready the next time, but Justin still managed to sneak his shot in past the defenders and the goalkeeper.

Despite scoring three goals on corner kicks this season, Justin said it is hard enough just to hit the net from the corner.

“It took a lot of practice,” he said. “I just have to put spin on the ball, and try to curve it as much as possible.”

Justin only shoots from the right corner and uses the inside of the front part of his left foot to strike the side of the ball, which allows it to spin and curve.

He said it took him a while to actually be able to hit the net, but now he can put the ball on target more than not.

Despite being able to score, Justin said he usually tries to connect with a teammate on corner kicks.

“I know I can do it now, but I usually try to hit one of my teammates,” he said. “But if I see it open and I am feeling froggy, I will try to make it in.”

The defense usually dictates when Justin goes for his shot, and he said he determines what to do when he is standing over the ball for each kick.

Justin’s ability to put the ball in the back of the net is just one facet of the Rebels’ offensive game that continues to improve.

“We are blessed to have speed and now our players with raw talent are getting better,” Jim said. “We’ve preached from Day 1 that corner kicks and penalty kicks are one of the most important things in the game. There’s so much stuff that can happen on corners and PKs.”

Justin credits the Rebels improvement on his teammates being more familiar with one another, he said.

“We have better chemistry this year,” he said. “We have players that play in the right position.”