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Mineral owner has rights to land, too

The rights of mineral ownership in the instance of the debate over drilling at historic Arlington are being ignored or overlooked.

These minerals are private property. Can the city override and deny the owners their rightful use thereof and the possible enjoyment of revenues derived from the exploration efforts of RMB Exploration? I don’t think so.

It becomes obvious that an ordinance should be developed that would prescribe the requirements imposed legally upon any exploration activity and, in the process thereof, bear in mind that they cannot be overly restrictive and abusive, which was the case with the condominium development on the former Natchez Pecan Company site by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

A good oil and gas attorney could accomplish these purposes for the city, insuring protection of the city, the mineral owners and the developers.

Thanks for your kind indulgence.


Thomas K. Armstrong

Natchez resident