Postal Service doesn’t spend money wisely

Published 12:14am Friday, January 25, 2013

I do not understand the United Postal Service’s thinking. They are $15 billion in debt; they are going up on their rates on Jan. 27; they talk about possibly closing down post offices, and yet they find a way to spend $32 million by sponsoring Lance Armstrong’s cycling team. What possible benefit could they get from this? I don’t think anyone mailed more letters or bought more stamps.

Instead of foolishly spending money on cycling teams, they could start making their employees pay for their life insurance and health insurance, of which they contribute nothing. Why not stop Saturday delivery?


John Petermann

Natchez resident

  • Joe Stutzman

    USPS fiscal probems are primarily due to 2 things. 1- being required to have an office in every tiny community. 2-congress passed a law requiring the USPS to prefund certain things 75 years into the future, out of today’s revenue. this law applies to no other entity-public or private.

  • Joe Stutzman

    and by the way postal empo.loyees DO pay health and life ins. premiums. dont know where u are getting your info

  • Anonymous

    actually, the USPS has been running in the red well before the retirement funding requirement. and if the USPS “doesn’t get tax payer money”, where has it been getting the money to continually operate in the red ????

  • Joe Stutzman

    are there ups/fedex offices in sibley or washinton?