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Get serious about recreation for area

To the mayor, board of aldermen and board of supervisors,

Get over yourselves!

Each one of you seems to have an agenda to your constabularies, but not to the Natchez community! Good grief, look west to Vidalia; look south to Woodville. They could do it, but our representatives seemingly cannot do anything to forward the recreational agenda for Adams County.

A few years ago when I was on the recreational board, the first meeting was filled with, “I want this for our area. We want this playground fixed up.”

Joe Eidt, the president of the recreational commission, said right away, this is not about individual playgrounds. This is about the larger picture — recreation for the whole of Adams County.

We failed. We could not bring the city, county and school board to even delegate enough money for a master plan! We had many companies come and give us their presentations for engineering, playgrounds, swimming pools (which should be our first priority) or ecological input.

They came in and gave us their estimates for a master plan for free because they wanted the job. Adams County did not have to put up $200,000 to have a survey made. They all wanted the job and gave us their presentations without compensation.

You have funding coming in for all sorts of other projects but still no plan for recreation — just talk. One makes things happen; they do not just talk about plans for the future.

Tate Hobdy has done a great job in trying to get the boards together, but each time when we need a real action plan, money seems to drift off to another project even more important than recreation for our community. Think how many years have gone by with no action. Shame on you! Get serious.

Spring is coming, and summer right behind that, yet we still have no swimming pool or updated ball fields — just talk. How many more years will it take?

Maybe new elections might help!


Jeanie Peabody

Natchez resident