Storms can’t dampen great week

Published 12:17am Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday’s storms couldn’t dampen our spirits as we looked back on the previous week.

It was a week jam-packed with news, events and community fun, so let’s just take a minute to remember.

- Adams County officially welcomed von Drehle — a pulp recycling company — to town. The business is reopening the former Mississippi River Pulp and hiring 100 workers. Welcome to town, von Drehle. We are glad you are here.

- Students at Pleasant Acre Day School have survived another Mardi Gras season, with beads left over. The students annually sort and sell beads to locals as a fundraiser for their school and annual trips. It’s great to see these students running a successful business.

- Contestants on a French TV show made the start of the week interesting as they participated in challenges and solicited help around town to complete their tasks. The Miss-Lou has long been an attractive place for film crews, and we are glad the Frenchmen found us this time.

- Autry Clayton is back from the trip of a lifetime, but he hasn’t stopped talking about his time at the inauguration of President Obama yet. Clayton was chosen as one of 2,000 students from around the country to participate in the trip, and he says the experience was life changing.

The last of the Mardi Gras parades rolled this weekend, and now the community looks to Fat Tuesday and Lent. Spring will bring beautiful flowers and plenty of activity here in this great place we call home.