Supervisors meet, take no formal action

Published 12:04am Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NATCHEZ β€” The Adams County Board of Supervisors met Monday in executive session to discuss the job performance of an employee and the hiring of a litter enforcement officer.

Board President Darryl Grennell said no formal action was taken at the meeting.

Board Attorney Scott Slover said the board is awaiting final paperwork for a litter enforcement officer and is expected to announce the hire later this week.

  • khakirat

    I wonder if they let Judge Vess have his behind the door talk with the BOS as they done for the other person in question??!! Again, whats going on with the 4 million dollars in uncollected fines that the BOS haven’t taken care of??!! Great goodness wouldn’t that be a shot in the taxpayers arm of reducing taxes huh”??!!

  • Anonymous

    They decided not to decide.