Brumfield School Apartments sale to be finalized today

Published 12:06am Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NATCHEZ — The City of Natchez is expected to finalize the sale of Brumfield School Apartments today to New Hope Missionary Baptist Church’s non-profit housing program.

The Natchez Board of Aldermen passed a resolution Tuesday approving the sale of the apartment complex to the New Hope for approximately $121,000.

The amount matches what the city paid for Brumfield, Mayor Butch Brown said after the meeting. The city purchased Brumfield for approximately $59,000 and paid approximately $61,000 in back taxes on the property.

The property was formerly owned by Gleichman and Company and was abandoned by its management company, Stanford Management, in February 2011. The former school building was in the process of foreclosure when the city purchased its mortgage from Britton & Koontz Bank in January.

New Hope plans to operate the apartments as low-income housing.

New Hope Bishop Stanley Searcy said the church also plans to renovate the interior and exterior of the apartments.

Searcy said he did not yet want to comment on funding for the project because he has not had a chance to talk to the church’s board about the final plans.

The church’s non-profit housing program is also working to complete Washington Apartments, 30 units of affordable housing located adjacent to New Hope.

Brumfield School was built in 1925 and converted into housing using the city’s Large Unused Municipal Property program in the 1990s under Brown’s first administration.


  • Anonymous

    What were the other bids to make it legal?

  • khakirat

    Yea, where are the other bids to make it legal as that of the person B. Brown had that was interested!! Why wasn’t this advertised as it suppose to be done to open public??!! If they sell it to whom not going thru the correct procedures of law a person can reclaim it to buy within 7 yrs.!!

  • Anonymous

    Bids not necessary pursuant to Miss Code Ann 21=17-1:

    whenever the governing authority of the municipality shall find and determine, by resolution duly and lawfully adopted and spread upon its minutes (i) that any municipally owned real property is no longer needed for municipal or related purposes and is not to be used in the operation of the municipality, (ii) that the sale of such property in the manner otherwise provided by law is not necessary or desirable for the financial welfare of the municipality, and (iii) that the use of such property for the purpose for which it is to be sold, conveyed or leased will promote and foster the development and improvement of the community in which it is located and the civic, social, educational, cultural, moral, economic or industrial welfare thereof, the governing authority of the municipality shall be authorized and empowered, in its discretion, to sell, convey or lease same for any of the purposes set forth herein without having to advertise for and accept competitive bids.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. I don’t think this property has been used for municipal or related purposes since it was the Brumfield School, is there another statute for surplus property held for “investment” purposes that was a victim of LUMP spending in past years?

  • khakirat

    They know that these city properties weren’t taken care of by law and it will bite them in the rear!!

  • Anonymous

    Do we need more low income housing to attract more low income residents?