Ferriday garbage rates may rise

Published 12:05am Wednesday, February 13, 2013

FERRIDAY — Ferriday aldermen introduced an ordinance Tuesday to increase the monthly household garbage rates by a whopping 66 percent, raising a stink with residents at the meeting.The ordinance would increase household rates from $15 a month to $25 a month and business rates from $22 a month to $32 a month.

Mayor Gene Allen said after the meeting the purpose of the increase was to help the town pay its monthly trash bill.

“Last month’s bill for trash pickup the town paid was for $20,000, and we only collected $17,000,” Allen said. “We need to raise the rates, which hasn’t been done in a long time, in order to be able to pay the bill.”

Audience members were quick to raise their hands for questions following the ordinance introduction, but Allen requested that all public comments be held until next month’s meeting. Time will be dedicated to public comment at the next board meeting before aldermen vote on the ordinance.

The increase, Allen said, was somewhat related to last week’s suspension of all garbage collection in the town by Waste Management because of a $200,616 past due bill, which he said was left over from the town’s previous administration.

Allen accepted a bid Monday morning from Delta Disposal of Ferriday to continue the town’s residential and business garbage collection.

The bid from Delta Disposal includes weekly collection, disposal and transportation for approximately 1,240 residents and 110 small businesses within the city limits for $9.45 per month, per unit.

The town’s previous contract with Waste Management, Allen said, was $13.72 a month for pickup twice a week.

Despite the cost savings of switching from twice a week to weekly pickup, Allen said the town needs to plan for next year’s garbage contract. The new deal with Delta Disposal expires on Dec. 31.

“That’s just a temporary contract, so we’re trying to set the rates thinking that after that date we’re going to go be with a different company or the same one, but under different circumstances,” Allen said. “That increase is going to help pay our bill every month.”

In other news from the meeting:

Aldermen Johnnie Brown updated the board on the town’s progress of securing a $5 million loan and $1.4 million grant by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to build a new water plant and upgrade the town’s water system infrastructure.

Brown said he, Allen and other town officials met with USDA representatives to discuss the steps needed for the town to meet the guidelines for the grant.

“They’re ready to cut some corners and help us get this money as soon as possible,” Brown said. “We’re just in the final steps of getting some paperwork submitted to the USDA before they sign off on it.”

One of the guidelines for the grant was to have a third-party company operate the town’s water system, which the town fulfilled by contracting JCP Management of Harrisonburg.

But the town’s contract with JCP Management is set to expire in April, and Allen requested the board give him permission to start advertising bids for a new third- party company to manage the water system.

The board approved Allen’s request under the condition that copies of any bids received be distributed to all board members.

Another guideline included having working water meters in every household and business around town.

Once all the final paperwork is submitted to the USDA, Allen said the town will begin advertising for bids for the water meters and move forward with the new water system.


  • Anonymous

    Problem is I’d be surprised if the raised rates go towards paying down that other debt, when the next three years passes we’ll revisit and see if the debt is paid. I would bet a substantial amount of money it won’t be. Funny thing is, last Allen administration just wrote tickets for revenue. Why not again? It’s clear that residents weren’t concerned enough about that shady tactic that he wasn’t re-elected. Ferriday…what has happened to you?

  • Anonymous

    Look around Ferriday and you can plainly see what has happened.

  • FedUpinFerriday

    Gene Allen is the root of the problem…Why can’t Ferriday folks see that! He lined his pockets from tickets in his first term and now he is going straight for the townsfolk’ jugular–he has gotten worse. Raising water rates using the old out of date meters that probably 3/4′s of them don’t work right anyway and now he wants to raise trash rates 66 %! It’s ludicrious–it’s –give me the name…Gene Allen. And what do the citizens of Ferriday get for raising the rates–oh let’s see…we get 1 (one ) weekly trash pickup verses 2 a week. Hey Gene–you trying to bring us DOWN to Clayton standards or are you just trying to bury the town!

  • Anonymous

    Waste Management was charging $13.72 a month and Ferriday was charging $15.00 per month for residents and $22.00 for businesses. That’s $222,264.00 a year for Waste Management and $252,240.00 for Ferriday. A profit of $29,976.00 per year.
    Their proposal is to pay $140,616.00 to Delta Disposal and charge $414,240.00. A one year profit for Ferriday of $273,624.00. Why can’t the democrat do a little math like this so people can see what is really happening? Don’t you think that would draw a little more attention to what’s going on, or do you even want to? I wonder who’s pocket that will go into?

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking about going to Alex last week but got the flu so I was sent a prespeeding ticket in the mail. I also had a tail light out and a crack in my windshield. I figure another couple weeks and that $200K could be paid off. The $200K that Glen ran up on po ol’ Gene.

  • Anonymous

    I think you just stated what everyone else knows but hasn’t said. Yet. Ferriday has a large crop of idiots.

  • FedUpinFerriday

    In case anyone wants to know why the cost difference is so much between Waste Management and Delta Disposal–it is because Waste Management uses certified dump locations to dump trash. Delta digs a hole in the ground with no regard as to any contamination problems for water levels etc.

  • Chevelle888

    Why can’t Allen just leave things alone? There was an audit when Mcglothin left, and everything was fine, and then suddenly when Allen took over the town was out of money? Yeah right, he has no idea how to run a town, much less himself…And why change the third party operator? The water has only been off a couple of times, and there have been very few times that we have had a boil notice issued.. I think the citizens of this town should dump all their garbage on Allen’s doorstep and demand that he leave the water alone because he is only wanting to change it so that he more money can stick to him.