Auditor returns embezzlement funds

Published 12:05am Saturday, February 23, 2013

NATCHEZ — The Mississippi State Auditor’s office returned thousands of dollars Friday to the Franklin County School District and the Town of Roxie that a Roxie woman embezzled while working for the two entities.

According to a press release from the office of State Auditor Stacey Pickering, Pickering returned $41,927 to the school district. The district recently collected $25,000 from an additional bond.

Pickering also returned $16,866.51 to the Town of Roxie.

Ramona Mullins, 52, was sentenced to nine years in prison Tuesday, with six years suspended, for two counts of embezzlement.

Mullins admitted that, while employed as a business manager with the Franklin County School District, she embezzled funds from the school district by using the district’s credit card to make personal purchases and diverted district funds for her own use.

Mullins also admitted to embezzling funds from the Town of Roxie, where she also worked as a clerk. Mullins admitted to using the town’s charge accounts to make personal purchases by writing checks to herself, coding them as insurance payments and then converting the money for her personal use.

  • hangpnnatchez

    where did the money to pay back come from???

  • Anonymous

    I would think it’s like a bank using FDIC. The money is probably insured.

  • hangpnnatchez

    thanks. nd should have said so!!!

  • Anonymous

    You’re welcome. I really think that people who are in positions like she was, are bonded when they take that job. So , I guess that’s where it came from.