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Caring women are everywhere

Caring Women are everywhere. They’re in our homes, schools, churches and workplaces. They are mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and mothers-to-be. They are single, married, career oriented and volunteers. Leading ordinary lives of selfless service, they are women who put others first and go out of their way to help those less fortunate.

Caring Women don’t come in cookie-cutter shapes, colors, ages or sizes. They are, however, blessed with special gifts and characteristics that set them apart from others. But they share one commonality: each one lives a quiet life filled with compassion and service that touches and inspires others.

Do you know an exceptional woman who has made an outstanding contribution to our community or through service to others? Someone who inspires hope in others with her actions, making the world around her a little warmer and brighter? Someone who serves others, but would never dream of calling attention to her actions?

Natchez Community Hospital wants to make sure the Caring Woman in your life and in our community gets the recognition she deserves. We are asking that you take the time to honor that special woman who has touched your life or others’ by nominating her to be one of Natchez Community Hospital’s Caring Women of 2013.

Natchez Community Hospital will host a Caring Woman luncheon and awards ceremony for all nominees, as well as their nominators, on Thursday, May 9. Barbie Bassett, WLBT-TV 3 meteorologist, author and motivational speaker, will serve as the guest speaker. All nominees will be recognized and one extraordinary woman will be selected as Natchez Community Hospital’s Caring Women of the Year in each of the following categories: Leadership — one who inspires others to take action for a common good. Perseverance — one who has overcome personal adversity. Mentor — one who serves as a role model to encourage others. Volunteer — one who invests in helping others. Defender — one who champions the cause of a disadvantaged person or group. Promise — a young woman 16-21 years old who demonstrates potential to be become a Caring Woman.

Nomination forms are available in the main lobby of Natchez Community Hospital and at our website: www.natchezcommunityhospital.com. You may also visit 95 Country’s website: www.listenupyall and fill out the form and submit your nomination online. The nomination form is also inserted in today’s Natchez Democrat. The deadline for nominations is April 9 and only the first 100 nominations received will be considered.

Please take a few minutes and think of the women in your life who have made a difference to you and those around you and share them with us and the rest of the community! Nominate a Caring Woman today!


Eric Robinson, CEO Natchez Community Hospital