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Recreation conversation is a good step

Published 12:04am Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last week, something amazing happened.

For the first time — at least that we recall — city and county leaders actually began the pushing and pulling required when groups attempt to work together.

They actually sat down together and talked about recreation. Critics may look at the meeting and say, “Nothing important happened,” but that would be missing a small, but important, step along the way — talking about the elected leaders real worries: losing control over public money.

After years of talking around the issue of whether or not to build a new, joint city-county recreational facility, last Thursday the issue at hand was much smaller, but equally as important — hiring a city-county recreation director.

Creating such a position came at the request of the Natchez-Adams County Recreation Commission.

The work required to agree on the director’s position, in microcosm, could ultimately represent the larger recreation complex decisions.

The recreation commission believes having a director in place could help build up the community’s recreation program ahead of possibly building up a new physical recreation complex at some point in the future.

But last week’s meeting indicated elected leaders are hung up on the matters of money and control.

Until city and county leaders realize that public funds don’t belong to “them” — remember public money belongs to all of us — finding common ground may be difficult.

But keeping the conversation going is important. It’s the only way we’ll ever improve recreation for our community.

  • khakirat

    Recreation conversation is a BAD step to talk in Adams county and why mainly is the city and county are broke and the property owners over $75,000 especially don’t want their property taxes raised and the price tag and the future of up keep as that of salaries, insurance, general maintaince , and etc. are just too much for the Adams county folks!!! Need to get the the new plants, an the casinos, and people like hotels and restuarants, that make the moneys for such to pay for projects as this and not the beatup tax payers huh’??!!

  • khakirat

    Also. DEB talking about the public money belongs to the taxpayers and not the BOA or BOS but the Majority of the beatup taxpayers don’t want any big projects to raise a penny to our property taxes!! Accutually, ND if you read the last comments it praised the city and county leaders for not doing anything during this bad economy for the time is wrong plus the city can’t fix whats broke and the county is in the same bad money fix as well!!! We the taxpayers are sick of this recreation talk for there are plenty of places to go in Adams county as well as Vidalia!! What we need is good paying jobs with benefits to improve the quality of life and all things will come then huh’??!!