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Step back in time at the Tableaux

With the blooms of the Japanese Magnolias and Snow Ball trees beginning to burst into our town’s colorful landscape, the Ladies of both the Natchez and Pilgrimage Garden Clubs would like to invite all of Natchez to come out and celebrate the opening of Spring Pilgrimage.

On Friday, the eighth of March at eight o’clock in the evening, we would like for you to join us for opening night of the Historic Natchez Tableaux at the City Auditorium on the corners of Jefferson, Wall, and Canal. This opening performance will be free of charge to all locals to be able to come and enjoy!

While most of Natchez has had a chance at some point or another to watch the Historic Natchez Tableaux, not everyone has had the opportunity to see the many changes that this Natchez tradition has underwent over the past few seasons to improve the telling of the intricate history of our very own “city on a hill.” With the addition of several speaking roles and even a few new faces among the crowd, this year’s Tableaux is sure to be a real treat for you!

Whether you have been a participant in the Tableaux in years passed or have yet to see this exciting tale for the first time, we hope that this will be the year you decide to revisit that old memory lane or even to become a tourist in your own town for the night! The Historic Natchez Tableaux has something for everyone to enjoy with the elaborate handmade costumes and the familiar portrayals of many of the historical figures that made Natchez what it is today.

This year, there will be a place set up in the front lobby of the City Auditorium where you, our very important guests of the evening, can take a step back into time of your very own. The Ladies of the Tableaux Committee has worked tirelessly to create a feeling of involvement for our guests as well as a sense of nostalgia throughout the Tableaux. With a scene set straight from the antebellum days of Natchez, you and your loved ones and friends will be able to snap a photo to commemorate the night and have a keepsake for many years to come.

Be sure to mark your calendars because we have set the date for you to join us at the Historic Natchez Tableaux! We hope to see everyone at the City Auditorium at 8 p.m. today to enjoy the Historic Natchez Tableaux.

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Jennie Guido is the publicity chairman for the Natchez Garden Club.