Jay Sowers / The Natchez Democrat — Adams County solid waste and little control enforcement officer Paul Brooks looks over a large illegal dump site near Kingston on Thursday morning.
Jay Sowers / The Natchez Democrat — Adams County solid waste and little control enforcement officer Paul Brooks looks over a large illegal dump site near Kingston on Thursday morning.

Environmental officer working to clean up Adams County

Published 11:52pm Thursday, March 14, 2013

NATCHEZ — Adams County’s newest employee would rather prevent littering and dumping in the area, but he said fines up to $1,000 will help reinforce those measures.

Environmental officer Paul Allen Brooks said he wants to focus on educating the public on how to properly dispose of waste as part of his new position.

Brooks started March 1 after the Adams County Board of Supervisors voted to create the position.

“I want to keep people from illegally dumping garbage into bayous and other places,” Brooks said. “Litter is just as much of a problem as dumping.”

Brooks said he thinks it is important to keep Natchez clean for tourists, citizens and potential industrial prospects.

Violators who improperly dispose of waste can expect to pay fines ranging from $50 to $1,000, Brooks said.

However, Brooks plans on making proper disposal sites known so the citations can be prevented.

“(County barn dumpsites on) Foster Mound Road and Upper Kingston Road are where people need to bring their household garbage, as well as leaves and limbs,” Brooks said. “There is always the option of Triad and Waste Management Services, too.”

Not only will Brooks patrol the dumpsites, he will also spearhead a recycling campaign to prevent littering on the major roads.

“I have a certification class in Jackson in two weeks,” Brooks said. “After I return, I will begin to implement some of the techniques I learn as well as begin issuing citations.”

County Administrator Joe Murray said he thinks Brooks will be a great asset to the county.

“I think Allen will educate the community on littering, and will finally hold people accountable for these sites,” Murray said. “He will be very beneficial because we will now have someone to devote their time to litter control for the county.”

Proper places to dispose of waste include the county barn’s dumpsite on Foster Mound Road, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and Saturday.

The Upper Kingston Road site is also from noon to 7 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday. This site is strictly for household garbage.

Brooks said disposing of waste anywhere other than these sites is considered illegal.

For more information on correct dumpsites, contact Brooks at 601-597-5317.

  • Anonymous

    Adams county already has around 3 million dollars in unpaid fines,that somebody puts on the back burner or hides them. So they are just going to let them off with this too,certain ones that is. Maybe you should follow up and see who pays the fines,and how doesn,t. Then fine the ones that supposed to be held accountable to collect the fines.The county could do a whole lot with 3 million.

  • Anonymous

    Please, clean this county up!

  • Anonymous

    I think there needs to be signs that directs one to those two legal dumpsites. Something with a loud color. We, as citizens of this county, should share and make awareness to others, of those two dump sites. There are a lot of people, that I know of, whom do not know they exist.

  • Anonymous

    Very true! If ever fine is not collected, then it is a lost cause. Simple as that.

  • Anonymous

    Again, The State Auditor’s Office has sent an email to the city, saying Natchez’s municipal
    charter calls for just one municipal court presided over by an elected municipal
    judge. The auditor’s spokesperson also said he finds no authority within the law to set
    up a special environmental court, separate from municipal court. The email
    states the city could set up a hearing officer for environmental cases to hear
    objections to notices, but that the power to fine or penalize belongs solely to
    Blough (or his successor) and not Heidelberg.

  • Anonymous

    I mean this as no offence to ANYONE, but what I say will be offensive.
    This is why I would NEVER move into the county; it is just plain UGLY in so many areas. Dam* people have no respect for the property of others, or even their own. Disgusting and offensive. How can ANYONE justify throwing junk on the side of the road, a ravine or creek?

  • http://www.natchezdemocrat.com khakirat

    I feel this will be a asset if the fines will pay the persons salary doing this job as putting the fine money in a community chest as the BOS said in the ND! The BOS need to start immediately collecting the $4 million of old fine money and cleaning the county court staff out and rehiring a new court clerk to get this office back on track of collecting fines as the should be by law!! Also, The fines of the new regulator should be fair and just to all! The new fines shouldn’t be voided out because of the people involved by being kin or friends! There may be some framing of people with their trash if you get my drift!! This I hope will clean up our county especially coming thru Washington of all the jacked up cars and tires of trash!!

  • http://www.natchezdemocrat.com khakirat

    I disagree , just but them in jail and fine them the max and you will see the money pouring in-what you want to bet??!!

  • Anonymous

    Depends on stringency.

  • Anonymous

    They put some in jail once in a while,but don,t keep anybody in jail for failure to pay fines,somebody is doing a lot of paper schuffling and doing the file 13 sidestep,,thats why we have 3 million in fines outstanding now,the problem is the elected officals won,t keep the ones who owe fines in jail,sounds pretty simple there don,t it,,thats the problem..

  • Anonymous

    Partly true….cosmicdust. Problem is the judge has to run a fine line between jail, collecting old fines, and something called a debtors prison. Our nation was partly founded on eliminating “debtors prisons”. Also, when I jail someone for 90 days for not paying a fine many times they are on disability, or just plain poor. If they are not on drugs I have worked off fines thru work release….but that is a small portion of the problem. Some even serve the 90 days and still owe the money. They prefer the county feed them. Have the Board of Supervisors give me a list of “past dues” and I could do even better. Everyone in the system seems to not want to though….so what does that tell ya?? Judge Charlie aka Redsail. P.S. In fairness to the Board though even when they direct the clerk of court to give me lists to review for contempt they are few and far between. Smoke and Mirrors to give the illusion something is being done!!