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Help ‘bailout’ community by spending

Somewhere along mid-2010, we grew tired of hearing about government bailouts.

Bailouts, it seemed at the time, were everywhere. Banks and car manufacturers were among the most prominent public bailouts.

But in some ways all of the federal stimulus money being spent, mostly just for the sake of spending it, was bailing out other industries including the construction trades.

Seeing federal money — i.e., your tax dollars — doled out for something that may have seemed senseless was frustrating.

So it may seem hypocritical to suggest you help with another “bailout” today.

But this bailout is a local one. It’s a program we’ve promoted for a few years titled “$20 on the 20th.”

The idea is simple.

What would happen if each of us committed to spend an additional $20 locally today, March 20?

What would happen is that a considerable amount of extra business would take place in our community and that benefits all of us.

In the most simplistic way, spending locally helps our local economy. It helps local businesses to pay its employees and in turn allow them to put food on the table for their families.

But it also helps the bigger picture, too, by generating sales tax revenue that helps Natchez, Vidalia and Ferriday, too.

Sales tax is a huge revenue generator for local municipalities. It helps fund all sorts of services, from fire protection and law enforcement to road maintenance and drainage issues.

Please consider helping our local community with a mini-bailout today by spending $20 extra today.