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Join us in celebrating talented ladies

Good morning to the ladies of the Miss-Lou!

I want to personally invite you to join us from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday night and again from 8:30 a.m. to noon Saturday, as we welcome Alicia Williamson Garcia and Derrick Burt to Natchez.

They each bring amazing God-given talent in music and teaching to share with the women of our area for our first Women of Worship Ladies Conference.

Parkway Baptist Church will be hosting us for this event.

Tickets are $15 each and may be purchased online at www.parkwaybaptistchurch.com or at the door.

I have been blessed to be a part of a steering committee that has prayerfully put this event together for the women in our community.

Please join me as I pray for God to move in our area and in the lives of the women we do life with each day:

Our loving God, as I stand before You this morning to pray on behalf of the women that will attend this conference, I am mindful that I stand only because of Your strength, Your power, and Your comforting arms that somehow reach down from heaven to this earth to hold me up each day.

You amaze me, Lord, and it is my prayer that we would all be amazed by You, that we would slow the roll of our lives to stop and hear from You.

You have so much to tell us. May we stop and look at You because You are there, and have so much to show us.

You see us not just from where we’ve been, but from where we are, and where You want to take us.

Your hand is at work in our very midst.

There is just nothing like You.

Forgive us for wanting anything or anyone more than we want You.

We trade You out every day for things that will never compare to You.

Open our eyes, Lord.

May we behold the goodness and beauty around us, from the breath of spring outside to the breath of life inside, paired with hearts that beat because You make it so.

Sometimes, God, our hearts are broken and they beat with pain.

Today, I pray, Oh, Lord, a special prayer for every face in our midst that covers pain with a smile.

You know. You know each story, and each face. Pain from the diagnosis of disease, disasters on our earth, discouragement, divisions among us, divorce, and death.

Oh, God, the needs are so great and there are so many. May we know that You are greater.

I stand before You this morning, as a humbled example to say You are greater than the pain. You are stronger when I am weaker, You are hope when I just can’t see how, You are the rebuilder of my life, not just once, but over and over again. You are the healer of my heart and body, and the peacemaker of my soul. You are my trustworthy, faithful Father, and I love You so.

It is for all of these things and so many more that I say thank You. May we continue to be encouraged by You, and to see You for the constant that You are in our everchanging lives.

May we join together this weekend, as a group of diverse women with a common goal, with a new resolve, and changed hearts that will change lives, not only our own, but those around us. It is in your mighty, powerful name that I pray.



Beth Mallett is an organizer of the Women of Worship Ladies Conference.