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Public hearing on new elderly apartments set for today

Published 12:03am Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NATCHEZ — Representatives from a Texas company hoping to develop the former general hospital building into low-cost primarily elderly housing will take questions at a public hearing today.

Brownstone Group Vice President Jeremy Mears said his company has plans to do a $5 million renovation of the Oak Towers facility and build two new buildings on the property.

The Oak Street facility and the two new buildings will be predominantly one-bedroom apartments for the elderly, Mears said. It will house a total of 38 units, he said.

The renovation and new construction, Mears said, will abide by historic guidelines and must be approved by federal authorities and the Mississippi Department of Archives. The plans will also go through the proper city approvals, he said.

“We couldn’t go in there and do anything that would take away from (the building’s) historical state,” Mears said. “Even the new construction…it does complement the character and feel of the building. We’re very cognizant of that, and we want to make sure it looks good also.”

The company plans to apply for tax credits from the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program, as well as state and federal historic preservation tax credits to fund the project, Mears said.

The property will have a controlled access, wrought-iron gate, private gardens, an outdoor sitting gazebo, education center with free computer access and a fitness center, Mears said.

The units and their appliances will also be Energy Star-certified for energy efficiency.

Tenants will have to meet income requirements, Mears said, and rent will range from approximately $500 to $675.

“The rent is based on 60 percent of the area median income,” Mears said. “This is not Section-8 housing. It’s not low-income housing, just affordable housing,” Mears said.

The housing will not be limited to just senior citizens, Mears said.

Brownstone is currently putting together its tax-credit application and should know whether the project is funded by August, Mears said. That would put the company on track to begin construction in early 2014.

Mears will have plans and drawings available for public view at the hearing, which is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. in the Natchez City Council Chambers.






  • Anonymous

    As much as I would like to see the usage different altogether……this needs to only be “Elderly Housing”……I see a nightmare ahead….this area needs to be protected from low income housing that is open to just anyone……

  • Jack Russel

    Why is the City constantly giving these projects to out of town companies instead of local people in our own economy? Why not just take tax money from us and send a big check to Texas? Oh. I forgot. That’s exactly what you are doing.

  • khakirat

    Yea, this will be interesting when it comes to the histerical people passing this with low cost housing and what comes with it will shot this out the saddle!! They aren’t going to let this happen with the crime facts!! But if it does it will be good for the ND reading!!

  • Jack Russel

    You are right on Rat. My grandma lives in elderly housing and those old bats are off the chain. There’s on old gal who is 98 but she gets on that rascal scooter,pockets her 9 mil. and pillages the neighborhood every day. She gets cranked up on crack that she buys with her food stamps and goes berserk. Last week she raped the whole high school football team and the cheerleaders.We got to stop all these old,crippled maniacs from living in our neighborhood or they will kill us in our sleep. P.S. You know they eat babies. Right.

  • khakirat

    Just keep it in the city of Natchez!! Gosh’ this your kin you probably turn out the same huh’??!!

  • Jack Russel

    That.s right rat. I am so bad I would make sure every one of my sick and elderly neighbors has a place to live. That’s where I want my taxes used. Even for you if you get sick or infirm.

  • khakirat

    Terrible situation!!! What’s this world coming too!!!! HA!!HA!!HA!!

  • Jack Russel

    I will even pay for a psych exam for you right now. Watch out. That 98 year old pirate lady is coming to get you.

  • Anonymous

    Have the electrical issues (problems) been repaired?

  • Anonymous

    …$500.00 to $675.00!” That’s affordable housing? That’s a whole check!