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NHS’s Steadman taking in new team

NATCHEZ — Not making the All-Star game was very disappointing for senior Herbert Steadman.

Thankfully for the Natchez High School midfielder, his soccer career is not yet over.

Steadman received a band scholarship to Hinds Community College, but he will also play soccer for the Hinds Eagles. During NHS’s spring break this week, Steadman has been commuting back and forth to Raymond to work out with the soccer team. The experience has been a good one, Steadman said, even if it’s left him a little sore.

“I don’t think I’m used to it,” Steadman said. “I didn’t get but one water break — we were constantly moving and running the ball. It was worth it, though.”

Steadman was selected to play in the MHSAA All-Star soccer game during the season, but he didn’t get to go since his team failed to make the postseason. That left Steadman with a sour taste in his mouth, but Steadman said he’s grateful he’s not done with soccer.

“That was really disappointing, because I think this was the best team we’ve had since I’ve been here,” Steadman said. “That messed me up, but the fact that I get to play for two more years, I’m thankful (for it). A lot of people don’t get that chance, and I just want to thank my mom and (Head) Coach Dai (Vu).”

So far, Steadman said he’s enjoyed the experience of getting to practice with college athletes.

“It’s harder,” he said. “It’s more fast-paced. People are easier to get along with, but you have to stay on your Ps and Qs, because you never know what will happen.”

The college style of play is also vastly different from what it was like in high school.

“It’s more physical,” Steadman said. “You get pushed around a lot. You have to be fast, and everyone has skill and knows what’s going on. You’re not going to run over anyone that doesn’t know what they’re doing.”

Steadman also said he’s spent time getting to know head coach Doug Williams, who is easy to get along with.

“He coaches a lot — too much, really,” Steadman joked. “He’s a nice person, though.”

Hinds was the perfect spot for Steadman to land, not just because of the band and soccer team, but because it will give him a perspective of somewhere other than his hometown.

“I wanted to experience another life than just always being in Natchez all the time,” Steadman said.

He’s also looking forward to seeing some new faces for the next two years, he said.

“I like that the soccer players have their own dorms, so I can make new friends,” Steadman said.

Steadman is the son of Sharon and Johnny Robinson.