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CPSO investigating Ridgecrest robbery

RIDGECREST — The Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office is awaiting DNA test results before arresting suspects who shot a Ridgecrest man in the arm accidently after an alleged robbery attempt went awry.

CPSO Chief Deputy David Hedrick said two suspects wearing dark clothing and hoods knocked on the door of a Ridgecrest man’s Lemon Street house with a simple request.

“They told him to open the door because they were going to rob him,” Hedrick said. “The owner said, ‘No you’re not’ and opened the door and shoved them hard enough to where they lost balance.”

Hedrick said one of the suspects had a shotgun while the other had a pistol.

As the suspect wielding the shotgun lost his balance, Hedrick said the firearm went off and three pellets went into the homeowner’s arm, while the rest went into the door.

“Apparently he told deputies that he thought they would kill him if he didn’t fight back,” Hedrick said.

The homeowner was treated at Riverland Medical Center.

The suspects fled the scene on foot, dropping a black bag with shotgun shells, a pistol and a lighter on Pear Street.

Hedrick said several pieces of evidence were sent to a crime lab in Alexandria for DNA testing, and that he expects arrests will be forthcoming once those results are returned within a few weeks.