Jay Sowers / The Natchez Democrat — Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a fatal crash involving a car hitting a man who was riding his lawn mower on Louisiana 129 north of Monterey Friday evening.
Jay Sowers / The Natchez Democrat — Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies and Louisiana State Police troopers responded to a fatal crash involving a car hitting a man who was riding his lawn mower on Louisiana 129 north of Monterey Friday evening.

Monterey man struck, killed crossing road on lawn mower

Published 12:06am Saturday, March 30, 2013

MONTEREY — A Monterey man died Friday when a driver struck him while he attempted to cross Louisiana 129 on a lawn mower.

Louisiana State Police troopers and Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a fatal crash on Louisiana 129 in Monterey at approximately 4:45 p.m. Friday.

A preliminary investigation revealed that a 2005 Ford Taurus, driven by Casey Paul, 27, of Monterey, was traveling north on Louisiana 129 when it struck a lawn mower driven by Oran Allen, 86, of Monterey, that was attempting to cross the highway.

Allen was transported to Riverland Medical Center, where he died.

Paul was properly restrained and did not report any injuries.

Alcohol use is not suspected to be a factor in the crash, according to a press release from the state police. Toxicology samples were taken and submitted for analysis.

The crash remains under investigation.

  • suzee981

    This is really sad! My condolences to the man’s family! I live in Monterey, and speeding is a major problem out here. I was nearly run off the road while trying to turn onto my street one night by an obnoxious loser in a truck. Yes, I slowed down in time and signaled in time! Some people who drive those big SUV’s and pickup trucks think they own the freaking road! And I said SOME people, not all!

  • Anonymous

    Suzee this is so sad. Young folks do drive too fast and too carelessly. Needless acts like this are typical it seems. Kids do not realize how sudden and violent an auto accident can be.

  • http://www.natchezdemocrat.com khakirat

    We are on Patsy Brown Rd. and they think its a drag strip with automobiles and 4/wheelers that we have had to call the sheriff a few times!! Some of the kids look to be 5 yrs old driving these 4/wheelers at fast speeds and in the past years there have been quite a bunch that have died around the Monterey area on 4/wheelers!!! Sure hope things change for the better being school will be getting out for summer!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/conutte.bantor Conutte Bantor

    Well, suzee981, I can remember that several years ago (Blunschi, Ferris and Maxwell era) when the State Police Captain at Troop E wanted the speeding on Hwy 129, etc. in Monterey, Deer Park and Shaw slowed down. They started writing tickets and everyone from that area started raising hell. It is not the people from other ares speeding down there, it is the people that live there. If you really want the speeding slowed down, call or write the State Police at Troop E and Headquarters in Baton Rouge. Just be prepared.

  • Andy Davis

    It amazes me how people can take a tragedy and turn it into a civil debate. Why does everybody assume the driver was doing anything wrong? She was NOT speeding, she was NOT drinking, she was NOT cited, and she was NOT at fault. An elderly man pulled out in front of her on a major highway, and there was nothing she could do to stop. I know her very well, and I can tell you- she’s upset about it. Have a little respect for her and the man who died. Take your complaints to the town hall… Don’t use a sensitive story like this to voice your opinion.

  • Andy Davis

    Jackwabbit- She’s not a kid. She’s a successful, and responsible 27 year old woman.

  • Anonymous

    and here comes the peanut gallery assuming that the driver was speeding….seriously some of you need to take that energy and do something productive rather than getting on the Democrat Blog and critiquing from the safety of your keyboard. Prayers for both families, no one deserves to lose their life in this type of incident – and no young person should ever have to carry the burden of guilt based on another person’s mistake. That’s right – this 80 year old gentleman had no business being on a busy highway on a riding lawn mower. Unfortunately his mistake cost him his life.

  • suzee981

    Okay, assuming she wasn’t speeding, what was this successful and responsible woman doing that she didn’t see a man on a lawn mower crossing the road? On the phone perhaps? Either way, she wasn’t paying much attention!

  • Andy Davis

    Suzee, you’re not taking into account that the man was 86 years old. If I were omniscient like you, I would say an 86 year old man does not belong on a riding lawn mower, and he certainly doesn’t need to be anywhere near a major highway with one. Why don’t you take a couple of things into account before you start regurgitating your venomous filth. First of all, you weren’t there. The police investigated the accident and determined that she, IN NO WAY, was at fault. Are you above the law? Are you some kind of secret prophetic police officer? Second, how many people do you know who have hit a deer crossing the road? I’m sure you know several. Surely, every one of those people must have been drinking, speeding, taking on the phone, or not paying attention. The difference here is that deer do not have the capability to realize that looking both ways before crossing is a good idea. Maybe an 86 year old man doesn’t either. Finally, you just really suck. I think you would make a great leader for a community watch program. Get some vests, some flagging equipment, and some devoted volunteers. Call your Mayor, Chief of Police, and Congressman. You can make a difference. Maybe you can get the speed limits decreased, but most importantly, maybe you can educate the citizens on the dangers of crossing busy highways. I continue to pray for the man’s family and the driver.

  • Keith Owen

    I was at the scene after the accident and after the gentleman was carried to the hospital. CPSO and LSP were all over the scene. They stopped traffic to measure both sets of skid marks. There were at least 5-7 CPSO and LSP on scene. Let the LEO’s do their job and they will get to what is the truth. It appears to be just a tragic accident and may not become a witch burning like some people hope for.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone on a ZTR mower could quickly zoom out into the path of an oncoming automobile if they weren’t careful. Just a terrible accident, and that’s the name of that tune!

  • Anonymous

    You know, Suzee, there’s this funny little thing in physics called inertia (look it up). And if something suddenly pulls in front of another thing closely enough, it is physically impossible to avoid hitting it even if you have your full attention on the road and your surroundings and are driving at a reasonable speed. You weren’t there, and you obviously don’t know her personally. Her sister is one of my best friends, and I’ve known Casey for pretty much her entire life. She and her family are badly shaken by this. This is an incredibly heavy burden that she’s now forced to bear even though she doesn’t deserve it. She and her family don’t need people like you adding to that burden by making uninformed and irresponsible assumptions and statements. So do us all a favor and just keep your mouth shut, because you obviously know not of what you speak.

  • concerned redneck

    I agree with Andy.

  • vilou09

    Inertia: an object in motion will stay in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force.
    Inertia plays almost no part in this scenario.

  • Anonymous

    That’s only the bare basics of inertia. The other thing about inertia is that depending on the mass of an object, and if it’s moving also its velocity, it takes a certain amount of time and energy to overcome inertia and either start something moving or stop it moving. It’s the reason why even if you slam on your brakes, your car doesn’t come to a dead stop instantly. It takes some time for the brakes and friction with the road to bring you to a stop. And that was my point to Suzee. You don’t have to be drunk, speeding, or distracted like she automatically assumed Casey was at least one of those. If something pulls out in front of you closely enough, it is physically impossible to stop in time even if you immediately hit the brakes. So yes, inertia has EVERYTHING to do with this sad scenario.