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Good news of Easter ends good week

Last week was filled with Easter egg hunts and religious observances.

But before we wave goodbye to the Easter Bunny until next year, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights of last week.

-Trinity 10th grader Kyler Parks is preparing for her directorial debut of a student performance of “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.” Keep up the good work, Kyler, and break a leg to all those performing in the school’s upcoming Shakespeare Fest.

-Applications for the Concordia Parish Academy of Math, Science and Technology are being accepted. The magnet school offers specialized courses — often giving the students high-tech learning opportunities. We wish the school the best as it prepares for its second year of operation.

-Local officials spent a day in Jackson stressing the importance of Natchez to legislators during Natchez Day at the Capitol. Their goal was to keep Natchez in the forefront of legislators’ minds when deciding the fate of upcoming legislation. We applaud their efforts and hope that legislators do indeed keep us in mind during this last week of the three-month legislative session.

-Locals welcomed a new beer to town brewed by two of its very own. Natchez natives Charles Caldwell and William McGehee were finally able to bring brews from their craft-beer company, Tin Roof Brewing Company, to their hometown. We wish the two entrepreneurs the best of luck as they continue to expand.

The first week of April is forecasted to be a wet one, but lets fight through the rain and hope April’s showers really do bring May’s flowers.