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Site perfect for community garden

I was delighted to read about the city and county’s plans to clean up the pecan factory site.

As a business owner in that vicinity, it disturbed me that it was such an unsightly spot, especially when the area started getting so much more foot traffic after the completion of the walking trails along the bluff.

Rather than plant grass in this area, perhaps the mayor would consider making this area a community garden?

This would tie in very well with the renovations of the downtown railroad depot and relocation of the Natchez Farmers Market. The garden would also go along with the plans to teach residents how to grown their own food.

In addition to growing fruits and vegetables there, you can surround the area with edible flowers or ornamentals to help make it a beautiful space.

Last summer, a young couple visited here and got locals interested in community gardening. They were very well received, and before long they had small gardens in yards all around the area. Unfortunately, they had to leave before the project really got off the ground, leaving many with just a taste of how successful this project could have been.

Perhaps Alcorn could extend their involvement in the Farmers Market to include the community garden.

The map on the American Community Gardening Association’s website, www.communitygarden.org, shows many community gardens on the east and west coasts, but very few in Mississippi. I hope Mayor Brown will consider putting Natchez on that map soon!


Donna Jones

Natchez Clay Pottery Studio