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Williams headed to Okla. City

NATCHEZ — Even if she’s only a freshman, it’s not too early for Ashleigh Williams to begin thinking ahead.

Williams, a standout on the Adams County Christian School softball team, has a dream of one day playing college softball in the SEC. And she’s hoping a visit to Oklahoma City in late May will help her reach her goal.

Williams will compete in the Softball Factory College World Series Select Training event from May 30 through June 2 in Oklahoma City. After attending a larger Softball Factory camp in January, Williams was one of approximately 40 players in the country to be selected for the select training,

“It’s a big honor, especially since this is my dream,” Williams said. “When I was nominated (for the larger camp), I was shaking, and to get picked to go to Oklahoma City was a big deal, because the College World Series will be going on at that time. I’ve always wanted to go see one of those games.”

ACCS head softball coach Forrest Foster nominated Williams after an official from Softball Factory called him asking about Williams, he said. He said he isn’t surprised in the interest surrounding his young standout.

“She’s an unusual kid when it comes to a freshman swinging the bat,” Foster said. “I’m excited about her getting to go. I’m sure she’ll impress a lot of people.”

Williams said the select training will focus on her improving her skills as a softball player and getting an idea of what college softball workouts will be like. Though she wants to be a pitcher at the next level, Williams said she can also be a first-baseman.

“Hitting is my favorite thing,” she said. “I love hitting home runs. If I’m a pitcher, I may be good enough to hit if we need a big hit.”

Williams said she’s both excited and nervous about the trip to Oklahoma City. The nerves will likely carry over from January’s camp, she said, but she was able fight through those.

“I just told myself that I could do it and just to do what I normally do,” she said.

Williams is the daughter of Sundra and Gerald Williams.