Arrest made after man eludes officers for seven months

Published 12:03am Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ferriday — A Ferriday man who managed to elude Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies for seven months was arrested Monday on multiple charges that include battery of a police officer.

Contrell D. Milligan, 35, 413 Love St., Ferriday, was arrested and charged Monday with flight from an officer, battery of a police officer, disarming of a police officer and a warrant for probation and parole violation.

Milligan’s original run in with CPSO deputies happened Aug. 26, 2012, when an initial traffic stop for speeding led to Milligan allegedly slapping a Taser out of a deputy’s hand followed by a foot pursuit.

Deputy Stephen Karabelen pulled Milligan over for speeding on U.S. 84 in August.

When the sheriff’s radio dispatcher alerted Karabelen that Milligan had a warrant for his arrest, Milligan’s demeanor allegedly changed, according to a police report.

Milligan resisted arrested and Karabelen took his Taser out of his holster, but Milligan allegedly slapped it from his hand and ran toward a wooded area.

The deputy chased Milligan and was able to grab him from behind as they both fell to the ground. Milligan then allegedly struck the deputy in the left temple and took off running again into the woods.

Several CPSO deputies assisted searching for Milligan, but were unable to find him.

K-9 Deputy Dustin Lemoine said he spotted Milligan during regular patrol Monday evening on Abraham Lane.

“We were going down that road to make a U-turn and saw a group of people playing cards,” Lemoine said. “We observed one individual attempting to hide his identify by trying to hide behind one of the other guys playing cards.

“At that time, I recognized the suspect as (Milligan) and was able to make an arrest without any incident.”



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