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Security at police station, municipal court may be tightened

NATCHEZ — Visitors to the Natchez Police Department may soon have to pass through metal detectors or other security checkpoints before they can fully enter the building.

Natchez Alderman Rickey Gray said at the aldermen’s meeting Tuesday he was concerned about the lack of security at the police department and municipal court — which are located in the same building on D’Evereaux Drive — in light of the recent shooting in Jackson in which a suspect being interviewed by a police detective shot and killed the officer and then himself.

“To my knowledge, we are the only court in Adams County that does not have protection, that you can just walk in and walk out,” Gray said.

“I know at Adams County’s courts, you have to walk through this detector thing. I am recommending that this city look into getting some kind of metal detector for the municipal court at the police department.”

Natchez Mayor Butch Brown suggested that the city look into what the state surplus property division might have to offer in regard to a used scanning device.

“All of those big (state) agencies in those buildings have those (devices), and they are changed routinely,” Brown said.

When the mayor asked Police Chief Danny White to look into the price for used security checkpoint hardware, White said he was already in the process of finding out more information.