Ben Hillyer | The Natchez Democrat — Mississippi Highway Patrol officer Shon Jones takes pictures of the accident scene during the investigation after Tuesday's wreck.
Ben Hillyer | The Natchez Democrat — Mississippi Highway Patrol officer Shon Jones takes pictures of the accident scene during the investigation after Tuesday's wreck.

Two killed in two-vehicle accident south of Natchez

Published 4:19pm Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NATCHEZ — Two Natchez men were killed Tuesday in a two-car accident at the intersection of U.S. 61 South and Douglas Road.

Walter L. Havard, 44, and Timothy S. Collier, 38, died after a 2008 Ford truck, driven by John D. White, 25, of Natchez, collided with the 2000 Chevrolet truck driven by Havard, Mississippi Highway Patrol Sgt. Rusty Boyd said.

Havard, who was traveling south on U.S. 61 just after 3 p.m., appeared to have failed to yield as he turned into the median crossover in an attempt to drive onto Douglas Road, Boyd said.

The front of the Ford hit the right side of the Chevrolet, causing the Chevrolet to flip over off the side of the road, Boyd said.

Havard, who Boyd said was wearing his seat belt, died on the way to Natchez Regional Medical Center.

Adams County Coroner James Lee pronounced Collier dead at the scene.

“It’s on top of my list as one of the worst wrecks I’ve ever seen,” Lee said. “It was very traumatic. I just feel sorry for all those involved, and my heart goes out to everybody involved.”

Micheal T. Logan, 26, and Cody D. Snelson, 23, both of Natchez, were passengers in White’s truck and uninjured in the wreck, Boyd said.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Highway patrolmen, Adams County Sheriff’s deputies, the Natchez Fire Department and other emergency personnel responded to the scene.


  • Anonymous

    Why bother waiting to add details after the family has been notified when you post pictures of the vehicles involved?

  • tonya smith

    My thoughts exactly! I hope this mans child did not find out his father passed from this picture!

  • Anonymous

    These photos should never have been published! All they do is feed the need for sensationalism. The families of the victims should not be victims a second time. How sad our world has become that the publication of such insensitive material is not only considered but also acted on by the media trying to make a dollar.

  • Anonymous

    They have a bad habit of doing this and it’s just not right. How would you feel as a writer or photographer if this was your family member, would you still report it in this manner? All that I’m saying is that the pictures are not necessary.

  • Amanda Pritchard

    My brother in law was involved in this wreck. He is okay, Thank God. We are praying for the families that had loves ones that did not make it. To add to the comments about how disturbing these pictures are, There was a reporter, not sure for whom, but that was there walking all around snapping pictures of this horrific scene on her smart phone! Who does that?! Come on reporter, Have a little respect for the families involved!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t attack the one who brings bad news. :(

  • babyblu2001

    Don’t think anyone was attacking…merely just pointing out that someone must have skipped the chapter on “Use Common Sense: Journalism in a Small Town” while obtaining their degree.

  • Anonymous

    IDK, it’s highly possible that she might have been a rep for an insurance company or law enforcement. I do, however, find it in bad taste that a picture would be published before the name(s) were given. I found myself early on looking very hard at the pic trying to see if I recognized any vehicles.

  • Anonymous

    Is there any difference between publishing accident photos in the local newspaper and the national media showing videos of the Boston bombings?

  • Anonymous

    It’s all about “being first” with reporters/photojournalists these days.
    Ethics in any profession is a dying commodity.
    What say ye Web Editor?

  • Anonymous

    Your correlation is a bit of a stretch don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    Not really. In both incidences, family members were not immediately aware of who the victims were before photos/videos were made public.

  • Anonymous

    a tragic accident in small town USA verses a terrorist bombing in one of the most widely recognized cities in America (if not the world) cannot even come close to being paralleled when referencing ethical/unethical journalist tact.

    In fact, the majority of videos and pictures that were taken during and immediately after the Boston bombing are coming from bystanders at the race. the fact that time was/is of the essence trumps any and all journalistic reasoning there.

  • sher rich

    Another sad story. Prayer needed once again for this families my heart goes out to love ones.

  • Anonymous

    Was Timothy Collier kin to Cameron Collier?

  • Anonymous

    So sad for the victims and families involved. I have a comment about the Democrat and their use of unwanted pictures. I awoke to my flooded home on the front page of the Democrat without me expecting it. We were kept away from our homes for safety reason. But it was okay for the newspaper to fly over our home and take pictures and publish them on the front paige unknowing to the home owners. It broke my heart to see my home and knowing that my personal belongings were gone. I can only imagine how these families felt seeing their loved one’s vehicles. Sad!

  • concerned redneck

    Rip my long time friend Scott you will be missed

  • Anonymous

    I was south of town with family and friends when we heard there had been a large accident between us and home. I went to the Democrat site with my phone and got the details, as they were available at that time. My guess is that other photos and details were being posted on Facebook long before the Democrat published any news.

  • Robert Melton

    Cameron and Scott (my stepson) where cousins

  • khakirat

    My families heart and prayers will go out to Walter Havard the father and family for the wife and myself grew up with the father and also pray for all that were involved and the two that lost their life.

  • Anonymous

    Such a tragedy. My prayers are with the families involved.

  • Anonymous

    I pulled up the pictures because my son and daughter-in-law work at Roux 61. I was extremely relieved to not recognize the vehicles. Is that a bad thing or a good thing? I don’t know how I would have felt if a red Ford Edge had been depicted. Maybe it is better to know sooner than later? As I said, this struck close to home and I don’t know what my reaction would have been if the circumstances were different.

  • Claire Lee Havard Rea

    It was my child with this man, and yes he sort of found out this way. I am so sorry for the other families involved. I am apalled and shocked at the Natchez, Democrat. these were printed 25 minutes for we ever heard. so of course social media came into play. This newspaper needs to be accountable in the undue harm it caused.!!

  • Claire Lee Havard Rea

    Shame on you Natchez Democrat! What was the rush to post photos of a wreck that by you stated known fatalaties! you published this at 4:19. Know when the family was notified?, 4;45. See, who would you need to compete with to get the hot pressign story out that you could not have waited. so, yes my son was at home alone when he started getting texts of condolensces. Our family and Lee’s family tried everything to get to his son(less than ten minutes from being told) so I could make sure he heard the devastating news. You owe his family a huge apology for this unprofessional heart breaking behavior. I am discusted with this sort of behavior you have. Shame Shame Shame